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Tüm Türkiye'de uzman servislerimizle, haftanın 7 günü hizmetinizdeyiz. Ekonomik fiyatlarımızı görmelisiniz!

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Get a quote and book a service online 24/7. Our mechanics will come to home evenings.

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We offer guaranteed upfront pricing and savings up to 30% compared to repair shops.

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We only work with highly rated mechanics. All services are backed by our 12-month.

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Türkiye'nin her yerinde profesyonel servislerimizle yanınızdayız.

Our specialists provide complete repairing work for your vehicle be it bodywork, dents & brake and more. Get a quote now!

We offer car wash service which is dedicated in providing car cleaning solutions and it endeavors to bring a clean car culture for the people.

Our car servicing is better than anyone’s else. You can just give us a call and we will come to your doorstep to provide a complete car service. 

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Müşterilerimiz en doğrusunu söylerler

It ended up costing about half of what it would have cost otherwise. The mechanic came out twice to check the car and gave me full support at an affordable price.
Kenan Özdemir
IEMS PowerBoost
I simply called them up and they were at my doorstep with all their tools. So, I did not have to make time to take our car somewhere and drop it off to be repaired.
Arzu Petek
IEMS PowerBoost
My car was almost dead but then these guys came up with their services. They cleaned up everything and the car was already put together and that's great.
Ender Sarar
IEMS Power Boost

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uzman servis

We have the expertise to service your vehicle from a routine service right through to a manufacturer's handbook service.


We provide all the major services including spark plug replacements, battery test, checking engine belts and more.

araç analiz

We use sophisticated diagnostic tools to pinpoint the issue your vehicle is suffering from so the fault can be rectified.

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